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Summer Camp Martial Arts

Enroll Your Child In A Safe, Structured Summer Camp This Year!

Finding the perfect summer camp for your kids can be a challenge. Many summer programs come up short when it relates to physical fitness. As a parent, don't you want a more engaging experience for your children's summer care needs? 

At Life Champ Martial Arts, that's exactly what we offer. Our Summer Camp program provides a constructive, engaging Summer School curriculum that includes Martial Arts. Our instructors teach kids a variety of character skills while keeping them immersed and entertained. Our Summer Camps cover topics like:

  • Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Bully Busters
  • Child Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Anti-Child Abduction
  • Physical Fitness
  • Bully Proof Workshop
  • Mini-Olympics

Our Summer Camp Programs are a trusted summer care option. During the program, kids get taught respect, discipline, self-confidence - all while having fun!

Summer Camp Has Never Been This Fun!

Our Summer Camps blend the best aspects of physical activity and mental development. Children in Virginia who attend our Summer School programs get the benefit of learning:

  • Self-Discipline: Willpower is a characteristic essential to leading a successful life.
  • Respect: At Life Champ Martial Arts, we teach that respect is earned, and showing respect to others is the best way to earn mutual respect from peers.
  • Focus: We provide a positive outlet to burn extra energy, enabling kids to focus more on school and extracurricular activities.
  • Time Management: By providing a structured After School environment, we enable your child to learn effective time management skills.
  • Leadership: The empowerment and confidence boost that occurs when a child learns and practices martial arts is unparalleled.

Our Summer Camp Makes Life Less Complicated

We all lead busy lives. Our Summer Camp at Life Champ Martial Arts solves multiple problems associated with modern life. Summertime means “no school.” For parents, this often means finding reliable childcare for their kids.

Our trusted instructors take care of it all! Our Summer Camps includes:

  • Fun Field Trips
  • Inspiring Arts & Crafts Projects
  • Swimming & Water Play
  • Summertime Games & Sporting Activities
  • Healthy Exercises
  • The World's Coolest Counselors
  • Free Bully Proof Workshop For All Campers & Their Friends

Enroll In The Best Summer School Classes In

Northern Virginia

Space is limited and filling up quickly! 

Don’t let your kids miss out on all the fun and excitement our Summer Camps offer. With seven locations in Northern Virginia, Life Champ Martial Arts is a convenient drive from your home, school, office, or workplace. Treat your child to an incredible summer school experience each and every day.

Make plans to join us in Woodbridge, Gainesville, Lorton & Fairfox, Reston, Falls Church, Dale City or Kingstowne today. We’re here to help your child learn and grow!

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