October is Anti-Bully Month

It is nearing the end of October. October is known for orange not only for Halloween but also for the color that symbolizes Unity against bullying. There are many ways to deal with bullying. There are not only physical Martial Arts but also “Verbal” Martial Arts. When your child participates our martial arts program, as a parent, guardian or even a peer you are going to notice how our student’s learn how to deal with dissension among their peers. You will also notice how they learn to deal with it in a safe environment among their instructors and fellow martial arts peers. 

A decent amount of role-play and just like how learning their blocks becomes muscle memory so too will it become verbal memory. An insightful instructor will have a very keen sense to spot any types of bullying and work with their students to find a way to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem. Children with hot tempers will also learn to restrain their temper as they will learn it won’t accomplish anything on and off the dojang floor. Being able to contain anger and not lash out at themselves and  others will give your child a fresh perspective in their future.



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