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Martial Arts For Kids

Our Kids Martial Arts program is a fun, memorable learning experience. Our instructors use positive feedback to help your child build a strong foundation of self-discipline, self-esteem, and respect. The lessons learned in our Taekwondo and karate classes are useful for other areas of personal growth and development, including academic life, competitive sports, and thriving in social settings.

Teens And Adults Martial Arts Classes

Best Martial Arts For Self Defense And Physical Fitness

Regardless of whether you want to get in shape, learn real-world self-defense, or BOTH, Life Champ Martial Arts has got you covered.

At Life Champ Martial Arts, our Teens and Adults Martial Arts classes help you learn to do more than just defend yourself and your family. We teach the best martial arts moves for physical fitness and self-defense. Our training allows students of all ages and fitness levels to overcome fears, smash through barriers holding them back in life, enhance mental toughness, and empowers them to face challenges courageously.

With 7 convenient locations, we're making it easier than ever for you to learn from the best. Join us in Woodbridge, Gainesville, Lorton & Fairfax Station, Reston, Falls Church, Dale City (Coming soon) or Kingstowne today!

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Enroll Your Child In A Safe, Structured Summer Camp This Year!

Finding the perfect summer camp for your kids can be a challenge. Many summer programs come up short when it relates to physical fitness. As a parent, don't you want a more engaging experience for your children's summer care needs?

Our Summer Camps in Woodbridge, Gainesville, Lorton & Fairfax Station, Reston, Falls Church, Dale City (Coming soon) and Kingstowne offer kids of all ages the chance to stay active and learn valuable life skills - all while having a blast!

After School Martial Arts

Physical activity and mental development are vital aspects of our After-School Martial Arts Program.

Children in Northern Virginia who attend our after-school Martial Arts reap multiple benefits from their participation in the program. Students learn essential life skills including self-discipline, respect, focus, time management, and leadership. 

Our After School Martial Arts Program is a safe, structured and multifaceted after-school program that combines exercise, training, and physical activity into your child’s routine. We provide a positive outlet to burn extra energy, enabling kids to focus more on school and extracurricular activities. 

Students of the program learn discipline and leadership skills through martial arts training. These skills are invaluable for building confidence and self-esteem. 

In addition to physical activity, our trained instructors provide help with their homework! 

Ninja Birthday Parties

Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Champ At Life Champ Martial Art School

Our Ninja Birthday Party is the perfect way to make memories that last a lifetime. The "guest of honor" and friends participate in our fun and interactive team building activities. Our exciting martial arts for kids class that’s tailored to accommodate all ages. Our energetic instructors provide a safe, fun, and constructive environment to celebrate. After the martial arts class, students have more fun by engaging in dodgeball tournaments, gladiator wars, soccer, and other games with prizes!

Our Members love us

Emily Merriman 

This place is remarkable. The teachers are gifted and wise people, with tremendous skill in working with children. They also foster a great sense of community, responsibility, and discipline. 

Laura Laen

I can not say enough about TKD school. My 7 year old daughter has gained so much in her first few months - confidence, improved stress management, courage and overall joy! The Lees have helped her develop what was an interest in martial arts into an obsession! I am so grateful and excited for her. I love Elite!

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