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Master Lee

5th dan in TKD. Started TKD in 1986 from Korea, Done Hap ki do, Judo,and other martial arts. I have to say TKD has always been my favorite Martial Arts. I've been with Life Champ Martial Arts since winter of 1998. Started as a PT Instructor, I am now the Operations Manager, Field Manager and the Partner of a strong and Growing number 1 Martial arts school. I owe it all to Grand Master Jason Yi for helping and supporting me to become a better Instructor and better business man. Life Champ Martial Arts has changed me to be a better person to my family and friends. Being an Instructor is not a Job!! It is a way of Tae Kwon Do. The best part of my day is when my students and parents comes up to me to let me know how great my staff is doing and to let me know how grateful they are that Life Champ has made a difference in their children and family and they bow with a smile!! Now that is priceless.

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