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Family Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Family Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In February

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At Life Champ Martial Arts, we have a Family Martial Arts class that's for every member of your family, regardless of age or fitness level. When you choose any of our Family Martial Arts classes, you're giving your family all the tools they need to be successful. That's because our instructors encourage your family to set aggressive goals and reach for the stars.

People come first at Life Champ Martial Arts. We fully understand that the family unit is the basis for all society. This is why we take pride in the fact that our training helps nurture families and help them grow stronger together.

Martial Arts is a dynamic and interactive way for you to spend time with your family and children. By learning together and helping each other out during the process, everyone benefits and grows. This allows for every family member to relate to one another in a different way and important traits like understanding and respect are fostered.


Life Champ's Family Martial Arts classes enhance communication and encourage family members to motivate one another. You'll enjoy cheering on your children as they succeed in attaining new belt levels, gaining strength, endurance and discipline. Plus, there is the added bonus of a new shared interest and point of conversation!

Family unity will increase as you share successes, achievements and reach challenging yet accessible goals together. Developing a shared interest in this way can be a life-long activity. It is something to talk about even when the kids eventually leave home. You'll also learn that family classes will help you become better role models for your kids, as you learn and grow in a positive and constructive environment.

When you enroll in our Family Martial Arts classes at Life Champ Martial Arts, you're guaranteed a fun, high-energy family workout like none other. On top of it all, you're going to enjoy dozens of valuable benefits starting with your very first class. The benefits of Life Champ's Family Martial Arts include:

  • An appreciation for goal-setting and plenty of positive reinforcement to ensure you never want to give up
  • A boost in self-esteem as the whole family learns important self-defense and anti-bully skills
  • Critical life lessons in coping with peer pressure and dealing with unwanted life pressures
  • Healthy activities that stimulate muscle growth and promote flexibility
  • Quality bonding and learning time with the whole family
  • A great workout that kids and parents will love!

Part of what makes martial arts such a wonderful family activity is that no one is excluded. In other sports, some stand by as spectators while others play. With martial arts, everyone can learn together, and a base level of fitness is not a prerequisite. That's why martial arts training is an ideal family activity. Our classes are also an excellent way to meet other families and make new friends.


As a family-oriented school, we encourage you to sign up for Family Martial Arts classes and start learning new skills and get in shape together!

Don't wait to sign up for Life Champ's Family Martial Arts classes. You will see immediate results as your child starts to improve their grades, respect and physical fitness. In fact, parents will start to reap the benefits just as well. Just fill out the short form on this page to request all the information you need to get your whole family started sent directly to your inbox.

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